Amuka, the Love Guru

June 21st 2017

All cultures have one. Some call him Cupid; others prefer Eros. The Jewish religion certainly doesn’t believe in a god of love, but in Israel, we’ve got something that comes close. Amuka is a place that thousands of hopefuls flock to each year, anticipating a change in their status. Where is Amuka, what is the legend of love that lies beneath the dome, and how can you visit this Israeli version of the fountain of love? Here’s everything you need to know.

Amuka, the Legend of Love

Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel is famous for being the prize student of Hillel the Elder. It is said about this man that when he learned the holy Torah, birds flying overhead would burn up with the holiness of his words and thoughts. And this is his story.

A passionate learner of the Bible, Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel spent the majority of his life buried in books. When he finally did marry, it was too late for the couple to have children. Dismayed, Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel made a vow to his students. Anyone wishing to get married should come to his gravesite and pray fervently. He would act as a personal emissary for those prayers to be answered within one year.

While there are no guarantees, you’ll find hundreds of stories with happy endings that started with a heartfelt prayer at Amuka.

Finding Amuka, a Labor of Love

Finding and traveling to Amuka is no simple feat. This saintly man was buried on a mountainside, hidden from the average passersby. To get there today, travelers must go around Tzfat and head towards the road that carries you to Rosh Pina. Got it? Now turn around, and head in the opposite direction. That’s right, down that narrow, winding, sometimes death-defying dirt path, trying to avoid the trees and overgrowth all the time. At the base of the valley, at last, you will find Rebbe Yonatan ben Uziel, residing alone in his solitary grave.

Whether or not you’ll find your soulmate, one thing is for certain. You’ll definitely fall in love with this charming location, with its array of oak and walnut trees and the bright white-washed stone dome. While you can go anytime you like, the 26th of Sivan is the anniversary of Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel’s death, an even more auspicious time than most.

If you’re looking for love in Israel this year, head to Amuka. Because miracles do happen.