9 Days Activities: Fun & Meaningful Activities

August 4th 2016

The Nine Days is a period of time at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Av (roughly August), that many observe as a time of mourning. Some religious observers don’t listen to music, eat meat, have celebrations, or go swimming during this time.

Worried you’ll have nothing to do? Make your trip meaningful and engaging with some of these Nine Days-appropriate activities.

A Different View on History

This is a good time to become more familiar with the history of Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. If you’ve never been to any of the historical museums, there are loads to check out like the Israel Museum, Palmach Museum, and Bunker Hill.

If you have already visited these popular locations, then visit some lesser known spots such as the Kishle Prison Excavations. It is a newer part of the Tower of David Museum, and it walks you through Jerusalem history reaching all the way back to the First Temple, graduating in layers through time. English and Hebrew tours are available.

9 days

Center for Creative Ecology

Located in Kibbutz Lotan, this ecology center teaches children and adults about sustainability, recycling, and maintaining the beautiful balance between flora, fauna, and human existence. There are mud-building workshops, eco-art projects, and natural bird migration centers that will teach you a ton about keeping our world healthy and happy.

Archeological Excavations9 days 2

There are several excavations across the country that are fascinating to behold. From Beit She’an to Caesarea, Zippori, and dotted all over Jerusalem, if you enjoy watching the reams of history unfold through a tapestry of ancient stone, these locations will be the highlight of your vacation.

Don’t forget the Bloomfield Science Museum, Yad Vashem, and Masada, all popular attractions that will add insight and substance to your trip.