7 Ways to Get the Most Value from Your Israel Tour Budget

December 3rd 2014

Like most people, we know you’re looking for ways to save money on your trip to Israel. But some things are simply not worth compromising on. Here are our top seven suggestions for how you can get the most value from your Israel tour budget.

1. Flights with stops


While non-stop flights to Israel are convenient, they are generally more costly. Flying a European airline and changing planes in a European city such as London, Madrid or Frankfurt can save you hundreds of dollars per person on airfare. Signs in airports in major European cities are in English, and you’ll find these airports to be clean, modern and easy to navigate, even if you don’t speak the local language.

2: Locally provided cellphone service


Roaming services can be prohibitive expensive. Renting an Israeli phone is a cheaper option. Even better to bring an unlocked smart phone and buy a prepaid Israeli SIM card, available at kiosks across the land.

3: Solid accommodations with fewer stars


Four-star and five-star hotels are a nice luxury, but you can definitely save money by staying at three-star hotels. If you’re going to be out seeing the sites most of the time, you may be better off thinking of your hotel as little more than a place to sleep, and many of the lower-budget ones are superb. Israel has a network of youth hostels which, contrary to their name, are open to anyone. Rooms in youth hostels or kibbutz guest houses are clean and simple. Many will have two single beds, a bunk bed and a private bathroom, great for a family of four.

4: Second-tier guides don’t cut it

Look at these Great Looking Guides!

A private guide who really knows his or her stuff – and is skilled in the oratory arts – can be well worth budgeting for. A private guide will develop an itinerary that’s custom-made for you, your family or your group, so there’s no wasted time seeing sites and attractions that you’re not interested in. With a private guide, you can pack your days with the activities you really want to do, and you can make adjustments on the fly.

5: Your own tour group

Fabulous Group Pic atop Masada!

You can combine the benefit of a private tour guide with the savings of a larger tour group by planning your trip with one or two other families that have similar interests. You’ll share the cost of a private guide and still get a customized tour of Israel.

6: Pick a quality tour agency

Olsen Family in Caesarea - Having Fun!

You may not know any private guides, but if you work with an agency that consistently gets great reviews, has pricing guarantee policies and offers above-and-beyond customer service, you’ll be treated well and you’ll know your touring dollars have been well spent.

7: Existing tour groups

Overlooking the Western Galilee!

Ongoing group tours take place every week of the year. Join an already existing tour group and maximize your touring dollar.

It’s up to you

Different people will want to spend on different things and pinch pennies when it comes to different aspects of their tour plans. Ultimately, these are personal choices. To better understand what your options are, feel free to reach out – we’re happy to offer more advice!