3 Reasons Why Israeli Hotels Outrank Rentals for Unforgettable Vacations

June 28th 2016

Thinking about renting an apartment in Israel instead of spending the money on a hotel? Are your friends, family, or wallet trying to convince you that this is the smarter way to spend your vacation in Israel? Here are 3 reasons why staying in an Israeli hotel is better than going the rental route.

Reason #1: Rest Up or Clean Up3 reason hotels 1

This is really a no-brainer. You’ve only got a short time to experience 4,000 years of Israeli culture. Do you really want to spend your entire vacation picking up after yourself, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes? Of course not! You only have a limited of time to enjoy this beautiful country, don’t spend it indoors scrubbing away. Leave the washing and tidying up to a full staff of professionals that will leave your room looking, smelling, and feeling like you are actually on vacation…because you will be.

Reason #2: Location, Location, Location3 reason hotels 2

Choosing a rental apartment from across the sea is a hit or miss. You might get a great place that’s in the perfect spot for touring, shopping, and eating out, and then again, you might not. You might find an apartment that has quiet neighbors, a good view, and easy access, or you might not.

With a hotel, all these things are a given. You won’t have to deal with neighbors knocking on your door (or have to go rapping on theirs in the middle of the night when their teenagers’ music is too loud!), you’ll be in a central location as close to the hotspots of the city as you want, and the elevators, parking garages, and passageways ensure that you can maneuver precisely the way you need to. Whether Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat or any of the other destinations from which you can choose, there’s a convenient and luxurious hotel perfectly situated for you.

Reason #3: Get Out of the Kitchen3 reason hotels 3

When you say you want to do some shopping on your vacation, paper towels and carrots are probably not what you had in mind. When you rent an apartment or home as your vacation destination, it comes complete with kitchen. And that means more work for you! You’ll be the one doing the cooking, the restocking, and the packing up of leftovers. Alternatively, many hotels come with free meals included in the price – and we all know that no one does breakfast like the Israelis! And besides, Israel has some of the best restaurants and cafes in the world. Skip the dishes and opt for an elegantly prepared meal instead.

There you have it. Don’t waste your trip grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, finding parking, worrying about the internet connection, finding toilet paper, dealing with loud neighbors, or ending up in a less than ideal locations.

If you want to spend your vacation the way it was meant to be spent, then go for the full experience and don’t look back! Check out some of these great deals on beautiful hotels in Israel that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.