The Epic Salad Trail: Not Just Another Farming Tour

April 18th 2017

Have we gone completely tree happy? Not to worry, you will too as soon as you see what the Salad Trail is all about. It’s a fascinating cultural experience that will enlighten, educate, and certainly make you appreciate your fruits and veggies the next time you reach for one.

Head to the Negev for a truly unforgettable hiking experience.

The Tour

The Salad Trail is really an illuminating adventure into agriculture, and even those least interested in farming will be entertained the entire way through. Located in the Habsor region of northern Israel, the tour lets you pick and eat fruits and vegetables while you learn about how the high-tech world is fueling agriculture, historical fun facts, and a fascinating perspective on biopesticides. The tour lasts approximately three hours, and everyone in the family will find something to enjoy along the way.

 Gravity-Defying Tomato Greenhouse

In this unusual greenhouse, the tomatoes actually grow upwards! Why does this happen, what are the different colors of these vegetables, and what’s with all the bees? All these questions will be answered with fascinating explanations into the process.

Flying Strawberries?!

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Well now you can enjoy fresh, ripe berries right off the vine…that’s growing in mid-air! Aside from the mind-blowing experience of seeing this actually take place, you’ll get a hands-on, detailed account of what’s going on, and how bioengineered helpers are making the process go smoother.

Other Attractions

In addition to these marvels of nature, there’s so much more to do during the tour. Enjoy the massive fields that you can stroll through to appreciate the magical beauty of real agricultural wonders, make Hawaiian necklaces from Chinese oranges, learn about and race homing pigeons, and discover an entire world of medical herbs growing around you that will astound your senses. Then, at the end of the tour, you can bake fresh pita bread with delicious zaatar and olive oil to enjoy.

This is one farm experience that you’ve certainly never had before and never will again! Hit up the Shvil HaSalat, and look at produce in a whole new way.