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Every custom tour itinerary is tailor-made to meet your expectations. We craft every tour program based on travel dates, travelers ages, interests and insights to create the perfect tour experience in Israel!

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Israel Photography Tour

10 Day Israel Photography Tour Journey

Israel has over 5,000 years of history to capture, a diverse climate, bird migration routes, and the ruins of ancient empires.  The below photography itinerary is just a small sample of what is possible for photographers to experience in Israel.

Caesarea Ruins

12 Day Mobility Friendly Jewish Tour Experience

Join our mobility friendly tour packed with cultural and historical sites that the whole family will enjoy. Some highlights include Israel’s Independence Hall, Ancient Caesarea Ruins, Tishbi Wine and Chocolate Tasting, the Mystical City of Tzfat, and a tour atop Masada!

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tour

14 Day Bar & Bat Mitzvah Israel Tour Experience

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an incredible experience to have in Israel. We’ve got an itinerary packed with fun activities including the Jerusalem Time Elevator, Genesis Land, and Golan Heights Jeeping. Buckle up and get ready for the ultimate Holy Land celebration!

Water Lovers Tour

13 Day Water Lovers Israel Tour Adventure

Explore Israel the water way and visit both popular and hidden gems including the Iyon and Senir Stream Nature Reserves, the Meshushim Pool, and theRosh Hanikra Grotto’s. You’ll also get a chance to enjoy Dolphin Reef and a SNUBA diving experience.

Jerusalem Old City

13 Day Jerusalem of Gold Jewish Tour Experience

There are endless sites to see in Jerusalem alone. Here highlight the Holy Capital and provide you with an in-depth exploration of this world famous city including Zedekiah’s Cave, the Bible Lands Museum, and the Temple Mount Sifting Operation.

Arcaheological Experience

12 Day Archaeological Israel Tour Experience

Israel is a playground for fans of archaeology and we’ve designed a tour for those who love digging, and the history it uncovers. Cover national parks such as Zippori, Korazim, and Belvoir, and get your hands dirty in the Dig for a Day program in Jerusalem!

Eilat Mountains

12 Day Holy Land & Petra Israel Tour Experience

Embark on a two-fold holy land journey and enjoy Israel’s most popular Christian sites along with a visit to the ancient city of Petra. Travel along Israel’s coast and tour the Church of St. Peter, Nazareth, Capernaum, Bethlehem, and more.

Modern Israel

11 Days Israel’s Modern Journey Tour Experience

Follow the path Israel embarked on to obtain Independence as a modern state. The evidence is here to tell the story through sites such as the Underground Bullet Factory, the Palmach Museum, Independence Hall, and the Valley of Tears.

Classic Israel - Acre also Akko knight templar castle in Western

11 Day Ancient Crusader & Templar Knights Tour

Israel is packed with Crusader castles and fortresses previously built by Knights Templar. Crusader history buffs will have an amazing time touring sites such as Casal Des Plains, Mirabel, Cafarlet, Casal Imbert, Montfort Castle, and the list goes on!

Masada Flag

8 Day Mobility Friendly Holy Land Tour Experience

We’ve created a 100% accessible pilgrim tour the entire family is sure to enjoy. Experience some of the holiest Christian tour sites including Mount of Beatitudes, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations, and the Via Dolorosa.

Old Jaffa Port

3 Day Holy Land Family Fun Israel Experience

Our family-friendly 3 day tour is short, sweet, and packed with historical sites to discover. Uncover stories with your guide at Megiddo National Park, Capernaum, the Jesus Boat Museum, Belvoir Castle, and the well-known Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Israel Extreme & Adventure

10 Days Israel Outdoor Extreme Adventure Tour

Calling all risk takers and adventure enthusiasts, this tour is for you! We’ve compiled some of our most action packed activities to create the ultimate Israel extreme experience. Keshet Cave Rapelling, Golan Heights ATV’s, and Caliber 3 Training await you.

Sea of Galilee View

10 Day Holy Land & Nabataean Petra Journey

Experience 10 days in the Holy Land and a day in the Red Sandstone city of Petra. Some highlights of the tour include visits to Capernaum, Nazareth, and the Qasr Al Yehud Baptismal Site. You’ll also visit Jerusalem’s Church of All Nations, and the Church of Nativity.

Winery Tour

9 Day Wine, Culture & Israel Adventure Tour

This double-themed tour brings together wine tasting and ATV racing. Take a tour of the Ella Valley Winery, Galil Mountain Winery, and Tishbi Winery including a chocolate tasting. You’ll then dive into adventure via ATV and a challenging Caliber 3 Training.

Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv

9 Day Arts & Culture of Israel Tour Experience

Israel has a surprisingly large wellspring of art and culture considering its young age. We’ve created a tour to introduce you to some of Israel’s finest arts and culture sites including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Caesarea’s Ralli Museum.


9 Day Mobility Friendly Jewish Heritage Tour

Our mobility friendly tour ensures comfort and ease for the entire group as they embark on the ideal Jewish Heritage experience. Explore the Ancient Katzrin Talmudic Park, Beit Shean National Park, Mount Herzl National Cemetery and Masada!

Sea of Galilee View

8 Day Holy Land Israel Family Tour Experience

Our 8 day family tour highlights many of the popular pilgrim tour sites designed to interest the entire family. You’ll especially enjoy the Nazareth Recreated Village where Jesus grew up, Banias Spring Caesar Philipi, and the Qasr Al Yahud Baptismal site.

I Love Tel Aviv

I LOVE TEL AVIV! 6 Day Israel City Exploration

Tel Aviv lovers, this ones for you. Dive into an in-depth exploration of Israel’s metropolitan city. You’ll scope out the Palmach Museum and Israel Defense Forces Museum, stroll the Jaffa and Carmel Markets, and visit the Yitzchak Rabin Center and Azrieli Observatory.

I Love Jerusalem

I LOVE JERUSALEM! 6 Day Israel City Exploration

Jerusalem surely has enough incredible sites to fill up an entire tour, and we have one created just for you. Visit Mount Herzl, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, the Israel Museum, and volunteer with Pantry Packers to personally aid Jerusalem’s needy.

6 Day Holy Land Experience

6 Day Holy Land Pilgrim Israel Experience

Our 6 day pilgrim tour includes a myriad of must-see sites including Nazareth holy sites, the City of Cana, and Caesarea Philipi. Walk in the footsteps of holy prophets and continue on to Jerusalem to visit the Mount of Olives and the Via Dolorosa.

Jerusalem Old to New Tour

Jerusalem Old to New 1-Day Tour Experience

Take a one day journey from within the old walls of Jerusalem to the new modern city of today. Cover a span of history in mere hours, beginning along the Old City Ramparts walk, exploring ancient Old City synagogues, and ending in the famous Yemin Moshe.

Davidson Center Old City Jerusalem

Footsteps of the 1967 Paratroopers 1-Day Tour

Journey through the Paratroopers 1967 mission of liberating Jerusalem, beginning with Old City views as you begin to hear stories of bravery. It was in this battle that the Western Wall was returned to the Jewish people, bringing hope back to the nation of Israel.

Wohl Archaeological Museum

Jerusalem of Kings David & Solomon 1-Day Tour

Follow the paths of King David and King Solomon on this one day in-depth exploration of the Old City. Begin with the Western Wall Tunnel tours, and continue on to experience the City of King David Excavations, the Wohl Archaeological Museum, and more!

Church of Holy Sepulchre

3 Religions & 3 Holy Sites in Jerusalem 1-Day Tour

One day in Jerusalem can take you through the holy sites of three major religions. Visit the Temple Mount, the Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross and the Western Wall. You’ll also see the famous Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Davidson Center.

Jerusalem Market

Art, Culture and Cuisine of Jerusalem 1-Day Tour

Nachlaot and the Shuk can be considered not only the center but the heartbeat of Jerusalem. Always busy and flowing with food, and housing culture centers in the most remote places. Taste flavors of the shuk and tour the Museum of Palms.

Tanur National Park

Water Lovers Israel Journey – Sample Itinerary

Israel is flowing with streams, nature reserves, and natural springs. We’ve created an experience to highlight some of Israel’s most beautiful sites for water lovers including Alona Park, Senir Stream, the Iyon Nature Reserve, and Ein Gedi’s natural hot springs.


Arts and Culture Israel Journey – Sample Itinerary

Explore Israel via its art and cultural centers as you travel along the coast. Tel Aviv boasts the amazing Nachlat Binyamin Arts Fair, as well as the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts. Enjoy Caesarea’s Ralli Museum and Kaballah Glassblowing in the Holy City of Tzfat.

Latrun Police Station

Israel’s Modern Journey – Sample Itinerary

Dive into the depths of Israel’s history on a fascinating journey. Begin in Tel Aviv, visiting museums with big stories to tell such as the Underground Bullet Factory Museum. You’ll also explore the Palmach Museu, the Acco Prison, Tel Facher, and Mount Herzl.

The Knight's Halls

Crusaders Israel Tour Journey – Sample Itinerary

Follow in the footsteps of the Crusaders, climb through castles and national parks to view history still standing today. Beth Gibelin, Casal Des Plaines, Mirabel, Montfort Castle, and Nimrod’s Fortress are just a few sites skimming the surface!

Family Tours

10 Day Family Fun Israel Tour Extravaganza

Jump in a raft down the Jordan River, hop in an ATV for jeep ride in the Golan Heights, grab a bite of chocolate at the De Karina Chocolate Factory, and watch a colorful light and sound show bouncing off of the Old City walls. Now that’s an Israel adventure!

Bahai Gardens

VIP Shalom Israel Tours Ultimate Experience

Get the VIP all-star treatment beginning with a VIP welcome at Ben Gurion airport. Enjoy 5-star accommodations and tour some of our best sites including Tishbi Wine & Chocolate Tasting and Ein Gedi’s natural hot springs. VIP at its best.

Masada Bat Mitzvah

14 Day Bar & Bat Mitzvah Holy Israel Journey

We’ve created the ultimate 14 day Bar/Bat Mitzvah adventure, beginning in Jerusalem you’ll check out the Jerusalem Archaeological Park and Ammunition Hill. Relive scenes of the Bible in Genesis Land, and enjoy a Jerusalem Scavenger hunt!

Golan Winery

Wine Tasting & Israel Adventure Experience

Combine wine and wild on this super exciting tour of Israel. Some of the wineries you’ll tour include the Ella Valley Winery and the Tisbhi Winery. You’ll also enjoy a rappelling experience, riding in an ATV, and a zip-line adventure to remember.