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Rockets into Roses

May 16th 2011

When you’ve got lemons, make lemonade. And when you’ve got rockets, make roses. A fairly unconventional tactic for dealing with the hardship of life, Israeli artist Yaron Bob has done the impossible- making something that is a symbol of death and destruction into a sign of rebirth. How? With a hammer, anvil and furnace, Yaron […]

The Davidka

April 13th 2011

 Just close to the beginning of the Midrachov shopping street and the top of the Great Stairs, you will see the Davidka cannon. This cannon played a crucial role during the Israel War of Independence of 1948. Though a very basic weapon, this cannon was effective more due to its great noise than anything else. […]

Gush Katif Museum

April 7th 2011

An interesting situation: On the news, back home, all you hear about Israel is the conflict, the politics, the strife. When you’re here vacationing in Israel with your Israel group tour, all you experience are the amazing people you meet, their rich, deep personalities, the calm, breathtaking scenery, the fantastic cultural events, and the depth […]