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Jaffa Flea Market

February 25th 2015

If you want the true Middle-Eastern shopping experience, head over to the Jaffa Flea Market (“Shuk HaPishpishim” in Hebrew) for the widest variety of one-of-a-kind items that you just won’t find in a shopping mall or a chain store. The best way to enjoy the Jaffa Flea Market is without a list but with a […]

Old Jaffa Port

December 13th 2014

These days, new immigrants arrive in Israel on airplanes. In times gone by, the Old Jaffa Port, known in Hebrew as Namal Yafo, was the very first view of the Land of Israel for generations of traders, pilgrims and migrants. Even earlier in history, the biblical prophet Jonah is said to have set sail from […]

Kikar Kedumim Visitor Center Jaffa

December 2nd 2010

The Kikar Kedumim Visitor’s Center in Jaffa is an amazing site for visitors who want to take an up-close look at current archaeological excavations, displaying artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Inside the center, visitors can take look at a Corinthian capital marble, jars, tiles, and other interesting finds. You can also watch […]

Tel Aviv & Jaffa Tour Sites

September 13th 2010

TEL AVIV & JAFFA TOUR SITES Independence Hall Diaspora Museum (Beit Ha-Tfutsot) Palmach Museum Azrieli Observatory Tel Aviv Museum of Arts Dizengoff St., Shenken St. & Rothchilde Ave Carmel Market Nachlat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair Tel Aviv Port Tel Aviv – Jaffa Promenade Jaffa Flea Market Old Jaffa Port

The Jaffa Promenade

September 13th 2010

The Jaffa Promenade, or tayelet in Hebrew, runs 14 kilometers along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and has become an essential part of Tel Aviv’s lifestyle and a major attraction for tourists. There are a number of restaurants and shops along the promenade, as well as street performances, unique vendors, avid joggers, and cyclists, […]