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Dan Carmel Hotel Haifa

August 27th 2010

With its panoramic view of the Mediterranean and elegant gardens and hillsides, the Dan Carmel hotel offers world-class service and a relaxing vacation.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Haifa

August 25th 2010

Enjoy mountain views overlooking the Mediterranean and Haifa Bay as you indulge in some of the hotels luxurious facilities including a health club and indoor pool.

Leonardo Hotel Haifa

August 20th 2010

The Leonardo Hotel in Haifa overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and offers guests a five-star stay. An endless selection of luxurious amenities awaits you.

Dan Panorama Hotel Haifa

August 19th 2010

Contemporary in style and young in spirit, the Dan Panorama rises high above Mount Carmel, offering thrilling views of Haifa bay and miles of coastline.