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Gush Katif Museum

April 7th 2011

An interesting situation: On the news, back home, all you hear about Israel is the conflict, the politics, the strife. When you’re here vacationing in Israel with your Israel group tour, all you experience are the amazing people you meet, their rich, deep personalities, the calm, breathtaking scenery, the fantastic cultural events, and the depth […]

New Orleans & Gush Katif

January 5th 2011

An old Blog worth revisiting…New Orleans & Gush Katif By Ahinoam Pollack Aug 7, 2007 Victims of Hurricane Katrina met with Gaza Strip evacuees this week to discuss their shared experiences in having their lives uprooted by forces beyond their control. On August 29, 2005 – just days after the Israeli government forcibly removed Jewish […]