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We’re So Excited! Israel Reopens to Tourism!

Israel Tourism Commissioner Eyal Carlin: “We are thrilled that our incredible country is once again opening its borders to travelers worldwide. Israel continues to take countless necessary steps to ensure a COVID-safe experience for both those coming into the country as well as our residents. It’s important for our visitors to feel confident when exploring […]

Amazing Things to See and Do in the Judean Foothills

To reach Jerusalem from Ben Gurion airport, you’ll inevitably travel through the beautiful Judean Foothills. This is a soft-sloping hilly region of Israel roughly halfway between the Holy City, nestled in the Judean Mountains, and the port city of Ashdod on the Coastal Plain.  Also known as the Shfela, or Shephelah, the foothills have been […]

Israeli War Memorials in the North of Israel

The north of Israel has seen its fair share of conflict and war. From the long-forgotten battles between ancient empires (such as at Tel Megiddo) to the military confrontations still within living memory (including the Six-Day War), the northern hills have seen it all.  And it’s in this region where numerous war memorials can be […]

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