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Israel Guide Shimon Benchimol

Bonjour & Shalom! I’m Shimon, I’ve been guiding for 23 years and I specialize in family experiences in Israel! Place of Birth: Morocca Home in Israel: Kfar Adumim, Judean Desert Langues: English, Hebrew, French, Arabic Favorite Israel Site: Anywhere in the Desert Secret Super Power: I can make anyone smile!  

Israel Tour Guide Daniel Gutman

I may have been born in the US, but my heart has always been in Israel.  I made aliyah (immigrated) in 2004 and realized very quickly that I have a deep passion for sharing my love of Israel with others.  Country of Birth: Dallas Texas Home in Israel: Mitzpe Yericho, Judean Desert Languages: English, Hebrew, […]

Israel Tour Guide Patrick Amar

Hi, I’m Patrick! Whether you’re into history, culture, religion, politics, or just a great time, I’m here to help you experience just that! Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada Home in Israel: Old City, Jerusalem Languages: English, French & Hebrew Favorite Israel Site: The Old City Secret Super Power: I’ll keep your kids entertained! I would […]

Israel Tour Guide Meir Eisenman

My love for Israel was inherited from my grandfather, a 7th generation Jerusalemite and IDF soldier in Israel’s war of independence 1948. Place of Birth: Passaic, NJ Home in Israel: Mount of Olives, Jerusalem Languages: English & Hebrew Favorite Israel Site: The Old City Secret Super Power: As a husband and father I appreciate the patience needed for an enjoyable […]

Israel Tour Guide Yoni Berg

Hi! I’m Yoni, a New Yorker by birth, but Israeli by choice. Why? Come on a tour with me and find out! Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York Home in Israel: Efrat Langues: English and Hebrew Favorite Israel Site: Biblical Jerusalem Secret Super Power: Enhanced passionate Zionism The Torah of Israel is coming to […]

Israel Guide Areyah Hermann

I’m Areyah, I’m a native Israeli and would love to show you my country!  I guide families, community buses, and birthright! Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel Home in Israel: Moshav Tefahot, in the Galilee Langues: English, Hebrew, Thai, Lao, Arabic, Russian Favorite Israel Site: Tzfat and all of Northern Israel Secret Super Power: I can […]

Israel Guide Patrick Amar

Israel Guide Nava Rosenbloom

Hi I’m Nava!  When I moved to Israel from the United States in 2005 I hit the road and started exploring this amazing country! Place of Birth: United States Home in Israel: Ramot, Jerusalem Languages: English & Hebrew Favorite Israel Tour Site: Mitzpeh Ramon Secret Super Power: Being a mom No matter whom the tourist […]

Israel Guide Yoni Berg