“Blue Sky”​ ​at the Carlton

December 2nd 2016

Blue Sky at the Carlton Hotel

The dining experience at Blue Sky is like no other in Tel Aviv.


Blue Sky is a sophisticated restaurant located on the rooftop of the Carlton Hotel, offering a view of the sea and the city of Tel Aviv. The plush, romantic atmosphere is accented by crisp tablecloths and muted lighting and the dining experience provided by the rooftop balcony can be described as more of a casual one, with a lighter menu. The wait staff is attentive, knowledgeable about the menu and easily offer suggestions.


Blue Sky is a kosher fish/dairy restaurant by Chef Meir Adoni, with an Asian-fusion menu that changes seasonally.

First dishes include Tsukiji in green: cucumber Swede, sea sashimi, seaweed, daikon, tapioca, watermelon, Asian aioli, lime and green tea yogurt, white soy Anglaise, Himeji mushrooms, Matcha powder, tapioca puff and yuzu cream; Pink Sea: textures of organic beets, crème fraiche, beetroot, ginger and lemon grass cream, beet chips, molecular merengue, walnuts and quail egg yolk; and Pleasure Winters in Hanoi: chestnut soup with cream and milk, baked sea bar with macadamia butter, Jerusalem artichoke chips, macadamia nuts, and milk foam.

Main dishes include offerings such as Asian Journey in One Soup Bowl: tom yum soup, hijiki seaweed, soba noodles, glass noodles, bok choy, shimeji mushrooms, sea bar sausage, green asparagus, coriander, roasted peanuts, and the “perfect” egg; Near Far East: sea bream roasted on coals, fire Tershi, chickpeas, celery, Uzbek apricots, Asian granola, cardamom yogurt, mandarin vinaigrette, fish sauce and lime; and Hot in Koh Samui: slices of fried sea bass, crispy onion, cashew, fish and chili vinaigrette, sriracha yuzu, and sticky rice with herbs.

Desserts are exotic as well. A few of the options are Caribbean Sunset — toffee and passion fruit crème, caramelized pineapple, 5 spice powder coconut marshmallow, whipped milk chocolate ganache, plantain banana smoked puffed rice, caramel crunch, and salted caramel ice cream; Bali Bali Chocolate — Milk chocolate cremeux, coffee chili coriander seeds Pieta, pistachio ice cream, cocoa tuile, Éclair filled with peanut butter cream, peanuts and breadstick; and Mango & Bergamot tart — olive oil Sablé, diced mango, buttermilk foam and kaffir lime, passion fruit sorbet, yogurt with Percy lemon and white chocolate crumble and tapioca tuile are just a few of the offerings.


Another dinner option is dinner and wine, including first, main, and dessert courses, paired with a wine chosen by the chef. Blue Sky also offers a Friday brunch, which includes a basket of bread, dips, tapas and main course.


First dishes range from 97-117 NIS, with main dishes between 91-145 NIS. Desserts are between 67-73 NIS and wine and soft drinks carry an added fee. The dinner and wine option costs 429 NIS per person and the Friday brunch costs 120 NIS, with soft drinks and coffee or tea, costing extra.

Blue Sky may be pricey, but the opportunity to enjoy Chef Adoni’s creations while enjoying the stunning Tel Aviv skyline make the cost extremely worthwhile.