Top Places to Go Fishing in Israel

April 8th 2017

Fishing is a favorite pastime for so many people looking to idle away a few well-earned hours of rest in the sun. That’s why fishing is the perfect activity for you to do on your next Israel vacation. If the thought’s never crossed your mind, here’s what you need to know about fishing in Israel to make it a great day on the water.

Fishing in Israel Fish 1 Top Places to Go Fishing in Israel

There are three main bodies of water that you’ll find good fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of the Galilee (aka the Kinneret), and the Gulf of Aqaba (although the adventurous tourist will also be able to find some fishing in random ponds and lakes.)

Mediterranean Fishing

There are an estimated 600 species of fish in the Mediterranean including grouper, sea bass, vermeer, sea cod, tuna, and red and striped mullet. Professional fishermen can bring in as much as 3,500 tons of fish annually just from this sea whose water is somewhat green-tinted due to the seaweed growth after the tumultuous Israeli winters.

Kinneret FishingFish 2 Top Places to Go Fishing in Israel

Recognized as the largest freshwater lake in the Middle East, the Kinneret covers around 64.4 sq. miles and can be as deep as 43 m in some places, also making it the lowest freshwater lake in the world. A smaller group of fish inhabits this water, with only 27 species from 10 different families swimming in the lake. Tourists can enjoy a nice day out on the Kinneret, and find delicious dining options like Galil Amnon, Jordan Amnon, Large scale Barbel, and the common catfish. The Ministry of Agriculture actually keeps the fish stock high, and the annual pull is generally somewhere between 60-150 tons depending on what type of fish you are talking about.

Eilat FishingFish 3 Top Places to Go Fishing in Israel

Fishing in Eilat is like doing anything in Eilat: a pleasure! You can head to the Gulf of Aqaba, an extension of the Red Sea, for a more unique fishing experience. Since this gulf has higher temperature precipitation in a smaller concentration of area than most bodies of water, the Gulf of Eilat actually became home to some rare fish species, and you’ll commonly see fish such as mackerel, jacks, and mullets in the area as well.

The next time you plan your trip overseas, be sure to pack your bait and tackle – and Israel will provide the rest!