Terms & Conditions

Important information about working with Shalom Israel Tours, please read all terms & conditions before booking your tour!

Booking Agreement: Important, please read carefully:

-Carefully read all below terms of business before submitting payment.
-By submitting deposit or payment you are entering a legally binding contract agreeing to all below terms of business.

To Book Your Tour:

-Group tours require a $500 per person deposit at time of registration.
-Private tour deposit amounts will be presented in your tour package quotation.
-Final payments for all tours is due 45 days in advance of touring.

Tour Cancellation:

-Tour booking deposits are non-refundable.
-Clients who cancel within 45 days of touring are penalized their full tour cost.
-Shalom Israel Tours will cancel clients bookings 30 days in advance for non-payment.
-“No shows” will be charged at the full tour cost, no refund is given.
-“No shows” are inclusive of clients not located in their hotel lobby at the appointed time, and clients not located at the airport for the designated flight arrival.

Tour Operations Disclaimers:

-All private custom Israel tours are operated directly by Shalom Israel Tours.
-All group tours are comprised of individuals booked through various agents.
-1-day group tours are operated in 2 languages: English + a second language.
-Tours to Jordan are guided by Jordanian guides.

Group Tours Size & Pickup/ Drop-Off:

-Group tours are not limited in size and may have up to 50 participants per tour.
-Each morning & evening your guide will make several stops to collect & drop clients, please be patient as the guide works as efficiently as possibly.

Tipping Recommendations:

-Suggested tipping on a group tours is recommended at $10-12 per person per touring day for the guide and $5-6 per person per driving day for the driver.
-Suggested tipping for guides on private tours is recommended at $50-100 per tour day.

Petra Border Tax & Visa Fee:

-Per person USD$65 border fee + $60 visa = $125 total fee.
-This is not a tour charge, this is a tax paid directly to Jordanian authorities.
-Shalom Israel Tours shall not be held responsible for policies, fees, taxes, security checks, or other protocols of the Israel or Jordanian governments.

Touring Omissions:

-Pricing is based on a pre-agreed tour itinerary which correspond to configured travel mileage, hours, fixed hotel accommodations, and other touring & logistical variables. If the client is unable to reach any tour site or activity destination because of time restrictions, weather, traffic, illness, or force majeure, the client forfeits any right for refund claims for sites unseen.

Hotel Amenities & Rooming:

-If a client adds additional hotel rooms, the amount of people sleeping per room, or extends their stay at any hotel, the client will be charged.
-If a client departs a hotel early without prior agreement for cancellation, credit, or refund, the client forfeits any right for a refund.

-Tour packages include “standard” or entry level rooms per hotel unless specified otherwise in writing and itemized in your invoice contract.
-Specific rooming is allocated by hotel management. Shalom Israel Tours has no responsibility over room amenities, view, or bedding.

-Hotel amenities and facilities hours of operation, hotel check-in & check-out hours, and all services rendered by hotels are at the sole discretion of hotels. Shalom Israel Tours has no responsibility or liability of available hotel services or policies.

Mobility Issues

-Group tours include a significant amount of walking, stairs, move at a fast pace, and are not suitable for individuals with any mobility limitation.
-We want to ensure that all of our clients are aware of this and are prepared to handle the amount of physical activity involved to join a group tour.

Food Allergies:

-Clients hold 100% full responsibility for any & all food or drink they consume and maintaining their own health at all times.
-Shalom Israel Tours has no responsibility and makes no guarantee that any food or drink provided by hotels, restaurants, or any third party will meet any allergy requirement.
-If allergies or medical conditions are life-threatening, clients hold 100% full responsibility to speak directly with kitchen staff to ensure their own safety before consumption.

Legal Disclosure:

-Shalom Israel Tours acts as an agent for independent suppliers providing hotel accommodations, buses, food, and other tour services in Israel. This agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for actions or omissions on part of such third party suppliers which result in any loss, damage, or delay to your party.

Itinerary Disclaimer:

-The right is reserved by Shalom Israel Tours to make alterations to tour itineraries as may be found appropriate or required for carrying out the tours, such alterations may be made without penalty.

 Vehicle Disclaimer:

-At no times, without exception, should personal items be left on tour vehicles. Shalom Israel Tours takes no responsibility for personal items lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind.

Luggage & Handling:

-Group tour participants are allowed one piece of luggage and one personal item per person.
-Shalom Israel Tours does not take responsibility for airline weight limits for flights as they are subject to change by the airlines at anytime.
-Shalom Israel Tours does not take responsibility for luggage which may be handled or damaged by hotel porters, guides, drivers, or airport staff.

Passport Validity:

-Please be aware that airlines have a policy that your passport must have 6 months minimum validity in order to be ticketed for your flight to Israel.
-Please be sure you have 6 months minimum validity on your passport for before your trip.

Shopping Disclaimer:

-Shalom Israel Tours recommendation is to NOT purchase diamonds/jewelry/art in Israel.
-Shalom Israel Tours does has no connection to any store and does NOT collect commissions from client shopping.
-Shalom Israel Tours has no responsibility for the authenticity, appraisal, or quality of purchases made in Israel.

Agreement to Terms:

-Carefully read all the above terms of business before submitting payment.
-By submitting payment you are legally binding contract agreeing to all above terms of business.

And Remember, if you have any questions, please contact us:

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