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4,000 years of history, religion, war, culture – a guided tour is the only way to experience Israel! Professional tour guides in Israel are trained & licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Below is a partial list of our seasoned guides, the best Israel tour guides in the business! Contact us today to book your trip to Israel on one of our inspiring guided tours!

Shimon Benchimol
Israel Guide Shimon Benchimol

Bonjour & Shalom! I’m Shimon, I’ve been guiding for 23 years and I specialize in family experiences in Israel!

  • Place of Birth: Morocca
  • Home in Israel: Kfar Adumim, Judean Desert
  • Langues: English, Hebrew, French, Arabic
  • Favorite Israel Site: Anywhere in the Desert
  • Secret Super Power: I can make anyone smile!


Guide Mordechai Weiss on Sea of Galilee
Israel Guide Mordechai Weiss
Guiding is a people business. I love people, I love the Land, I love History. Come with me to share the love of Israel. 
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Home in Israel: Mitzpeh Yericho, Judean Desert
  • Languages: English, Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Favorite Israel Tour Site: The Temple Mount
  • Secret Super Power: Patience

Proud father of 12 children and grandfather of 9 grandchildren. Married to Ella for 30 years.

Daniel Gutman Israel Tour Guide
Israel Tour Guide Daniel Gutman

I may have been born in the US, but my heart has always been in Israel.  I made aliyah (immigrated) in 2004 and realized very quickly that I have a deep passion for sharing my love of Israel with others. 

  • Country of Birth: Dallas Texas
  • Home in Israel: Mitzpe Yericho, Judean Desert
  • Languages: English, Hebrew,
  • Favorite Site: The City of David in Jerusalem
  • Secret Super Power:  I can bring to life the hills and mountains, ancient ruins, and even barren desert with history, legends and tales.


Israel Tour Guide Patrick Amar
Israel Tour Guide Patrick Amar

Hi, I’m Patrick! Whether you’re into history, culture, religion, politics, or just a great time, I’m here to help you experience just that!

  • Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada
  • Home in Israel: Old City, Jerusalem
  • Languages: English, French & Hebrew
  • Favorite Israel Site: The Old City
  • Secret Super Power: I’ll keep your kids entertained!

I would love to take you through the winding stone alleys of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem (my backyard!), up to the top of the Golan Heights, or on an ATV ride in the desert. Let me show you just why Israel is the incredible place I call home.
Israel Tour Guide Gil Peretz
Israel Tour Guide Gil Perez

I’m Gil, from Jerusalem, I served in the Israel Defense Forces Reconnaissance Unit, now for the last 20 year I’ve been guiding dignitaries and families around Israel! 

  • Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French,
  • Super Power: I assist people in falling in love with Israel

I will provide you with more than the surface/Reader’s Digest version of Israel and will engage you in a discussion to increase your understanding of the region. I work hard to ensure that everybody has an exciting, meaningful and memorable Israel experience.

Israel Tour Guide Meir Eisenman
Israel Tour Guide Meir Eisenman

My love for Israel was inherited from my grandfather, a 7th generation Jerusalemite and IDF soldier in Israel’s war of independence 1948.

  • Place of Birth: Passaic, NJ
  • Home in Israel: Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
  • Languages: English & Hebrew
  • Favorite Israel Site: The Old City
  • Secret Super Power: As a husband and father I appreciate the patience needed for an enjoyable family vacation.

At Present: Living just outside Jerusalem’s old city walls with my wife and 4 children.
 Licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Education to guide tourist groups throughout Israel.


Israel Tour Guide Yoni Berg
Israel Tour Guide Yoni Berg

Hi! I’m Yoni, a New Yorker by birth, but Israeli by choice. Why? Come on a tour with me and find out!

  • Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York
  • Home in Israel: Efrat
  • Langues: English and Hebrew
  • Favorite Israel Site: Biblical Jerusalem
  • Secret Super Power: Enhanced passionate Zionism

The Torah of Israel is coming to life in the Land of Israel through the People of Israel. The chain of our people’s history, starting way back with Avraham Avinu, is stretching out to the future. Where does your link fit in?
Israel Guide Areyah Hermann
Israel Guide Areyah Hermann

I’m Areyah, I’m a native Israeli and would love to show you my country!  I guide families, community buses, and birthright!

  • Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel
  • Home in Israel: Moshav Tefahot, in the Galilee
  • Langues: English, Hebrew, Thai, Lao, Arabic, Russian
  • Favorite Israel Site: Tzfat and all of Northern Israel
  • Secret Super Power: I can fly (spiritually speaking)

Interesting fun fact: I spent the last year driving with my wife and teenagers from Thailand back to Israel in a 4×4 motor-home, off road!  I’m now back in Israel and ready to guide with more passion for the Holy Land than ever before! 

Guide Nav Rosenbloom
Israel Guide Nava Rosenbloom

Hi I’m Nava!  When I moved to Israel from the United States in 2005 I hit the road and started exploring this amazing country!

  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Home in Israel: Ramot, Jerusalem
  • Languages: English & Hebrew
  • Favorite Israel Tour Site: Mitzpeh Ramon
  • Secret Super Power: Being a mom

No matter whom the tourist is, what background they come from, I work hard to ensure that everybody has an exciting, meaningful and memorable Israel experience.

Toby Abrams
Israel Tour Guide Toby Abrams

Hi. I’m Toby!  Let me show you Israel!

  • Country of Birth: NY, USA
  • Home in Israel: Baka, Jerusalem
  • Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish
  • Favorite Site: Springs & Fortresses of the Beit She’an Valley
  • -Secret Super Power: I can find a way to make you smile! 

I will take you off the beaten track tour and expose angles of Israel that you will not see in the newspapers, TV or Internet. I will present Israel from inside out, revealing this country’s thrilling history, religions, past empires and secrets!

  • Israel Ministry of Tourism
  • Ministry of Tourism - 100 Years of Green Israel
  • ELAL Airlines - Travel to Israel!
  • Israel Ministry of Tourism Registered