Wilson Family

July 12th 2015

My wife and I experienced Israel in terms of people, places and things and in each section, both physical and spiritual. And, before I forget, let me say Daniel and Maier made a wonderful team. In terms of things, the historical adventures and relics observed were amazing. In terms of places, the locations selected for our touring was wonderful.

In terms of people, the feeling, the energy of the country is fantastic and with Daniel, each place came alive. His very vivid descriptions and historical context was so astoundingly good. He made the people, places and things literally appear before us. He embedded each location with its specialness into our brains. And with Maier as driver, we never felt frightened even though Israeli drivers are “unique” and some roads and paths were steep, rocky and narrow! This was the very best tour experience Lois and I have ever had. We felt so connected.