“Shalom tours and Eli Dabi are an unbeatable combo!”

January 9th 2016

Wow! I was really nervous about our first trip to Israel at a time of increased “activity”. Everyone said I’d feel very safe once there….they were absolutely correct. I called Shalom many times prior to leaving New Jersey and they called back promptly with whatever response i needed at that time. Eli the guide was the added bonus. He was charming, patient, knowledgeable, humorous and comprehensively terrific.

The tour was packed with the heritage sites as expected and Eli’s talks about each site (and in between) made them come alive. We selected our hotel from a group of star ratings and were quite pleased with the Dan Panorama-more so in Tel Aviv than in Jerusalem. The food was plentiful and yummy. It was much warmer than expected there, so walking (hiking) was more difficult than anticipated. We had no trouble sleeping at night, that’s for sure. We met a nice bunch of people who got along quite well considering that we were strangers when we began, but more like a family by the end. I would heartily recommend Shalom Tours to anyone.