Roseman Family Adventure

August 27th 2015

After much indecision, thank goodness I went on this amazing tour of Israel! (I was worried about the physical challenges, and it was difficult due to the walking on uneven ground and so many steps!) We were so lucky to have Daniel Gutman as our guide, and never have a met a more, passionate, knowledgeable and personable tour guide. I would recommend no one else! We toured from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and surrounding areas and saw amazing sights every day, and had the opportunity to be at the top of Masada for the B’nai Mitzvah of Michael and Sydney. I can’t pick my favorite day, but I thank Sally for including me and my son, Greg, for this opportunity to see the amazing country of Israel and the home of my forefathers! I’m just sad my father didn’t live long enough to be there with us, but know he was there in spirit!