Nathan Monk

March 19th 2015

The standard that others should aspire to. I led a group of eight people on a 14 Day adventure through Israel and Jordan. Shalom tours organised the whole trip and what a job they did. Right from the outset they helped craft a unique tour for our group, even making changes we requested before arrival.

Our guide Rabbi Mordecai Weiss was just amazing. His knowledge surpassed other guides I have had in Israel in the past. As a Christian tour we had interests that you would think a Jewish Rabbi would not be helpful on, but this was not the case here. Mordecai was gracious and very caring of our faith, taking us on a journey of discovery through the bible and the land/people of Israel.

Nothing seemed to phase this company. When our domestic flights were canceled due too a sandstorm, a mini van was dispatched to pick us up and drive us five hours to our next destination. Service, that’s what they do, and they do it very well.
There is no question who I will be booking my next tour group with, it will be Shalom Tours. Thanks guys for making this trip so special and painless.