Lloyd Chavins

July 21st 2014

Having returned to the U.K. after having a fantastic holiday visiting Israel I feel I must write congratulating Meni Tzabari, our tour guide. He was exceptional in every way: He was so knowledgeable and made it his business to ensure we all understood all he was explaining to us – he had the patience of a Saint! My wife & I were part of a group of about 37 people and I can safely say that without exception we all were not only awe-struck with the country, also with Meni who had such a wit he kept us all amused as well as informed the whole time. My wife has hip and knee problems so she was not able to walk very fast – Meni allowed for this in a very understanding way. Also Atif, the coach driver was so helpful, he stopped where we got off the coach in such a way that there was a high curb (where possible) to allow my wife to get off the coach comfortably – he also was so understanding. All in all, Meni was an exceptional, friendly and professional guide who did your company proud. We holidayed for 2 weeks and spent the next recovering from the hectic but thorough tour.

If anybody has a chance of choosing their guide – Meni is the man!!!​