Leon Kurzweil

July 12th 2015

If you’re planning a trip to Israel, this is the tour company to hire.
We started to plan this trip, a full year in advance. Shalom Stark and his team got right on planning an itinerary, with some of my suggestions as to specifics, and within a few days, had a plan to review.
All throughout the year, there was some tweaking and updated itineraries showed up very quickly.
From the moment we landed in Tel Aviv, to the moment we departed, 2 weeks later, the trip was flawlessly enjoyed by all of us.


Every vehicle was appropriately sized for us and our luggage, and our drivers, perfect.
Our Tour guide for 7 full days and several nights was Mordecai Weiss. There is no finer guide in all Israel. His personality meshed perfectly with us and his expertise regarding history made it so much fun to have Mordecai as our guide.


We toured north to south, east to west and made a special trip to Hebron to visit my friend and Chabad Rabbi Danny Cohen. Mordecai and Danny are old friends and we were treated by both, like family members.
I cannot say enough about Shalom Israel Tours. Glitch free, pleasure. They even made dinner reservations for us at several restaurants selected by us, in advance and their suggested restaurants where we had no idea where to eat, were perfect.


This whole trip was a 12 out of 10.
This is a top tier company that you can trust to provide a lifetime of memories.