Lechem Basar “Meat & Eat”

September 13th 2016

Lechem Basar Restaurant

In English, Lechem Basar means Meat and Eat, and that really sums up their MO. This fun and inviting restaurant offers an open seating arrangement with both outdoor and indoor seating. Diners will enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the fun surroundings, and of course, the mouth-watering meat, chicken, and fish dishes.


The ambiance of the restaurant is in keeping with the theme of the location. Something old, something new, and always something beautiful. Lechem Basar is situated in Jerusalem’s Tachana Harishona, or First Station. This outdoor mall used to be the original train station and has been rejuvenated into a beautiful tourist spot for shopping, eating, and enjoying the fresh night air.

Lechem Basar has borrowed the theme, incorporating retro furniture with modern flair throughout.


The menu is a delicious mix of Israeli specialties, along with some prime cuts of meat, and the best salads anywhere. Try some fresh, warm focaccia bread, or opt for the healthy quinoa as a starter before moving on to some amazing steaks, burgers, lamb, meats, or chicken main dishes.


Location is certainly the best thing going for this restaurant. While the food is delicious, sitting outside in the newly-renovated old train station is almost surreal. The air is charged with the electricity of hundreds of people hustling and bustling, chatting and eating, and just out having fun. There are regular events held in the square where Lechem Basar is located, so you can catch a great musical performance one night or join in the public salsa dancing another. The food is delicious – there’s no doubt about that – and its enjoyment is multiplied exponentially because of the surrounding atmosphere.


The prices at Lechem Basar range depending on what type of food and which meal you are getting. Their breakfast specials come complete with eggs, main, and greens for 64 NIS. Their lunch/dinner menu ranges from around 80-200 NIS, entrees run around 40-70 NIS.

Contact & Address

First Station, Hatahana Harishona, 4 David Remez St. Jerusalem, Tel: 1-599-500-505

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