Laurie Shelton & Sarie Ockner

June 1st 2014

Shalom Tours had the key that unlocked my heart!!! I had researched many companies and even questioned whether doing an organized tour was right for us. I was with a friend (2 girls in our 30″s) we signed up for the Jewish 10 day Heritage Tour in April 2014. So many unknowns as to who would be in our group and how many travelers. We ended up with 15 total and they became my Israel Family! Shalom Tours used a guide through Rent-a-Guide who was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The personal touch that he added to my Israel experience will never be forgotten. I never expected to learn SO much with such enthusiasm. Shalom Tours never let us down, from the prompt easy transport at the airport to all hotels being handled. It was the easiest planned vacation I have ever been on….and I’m not one for organized tours. All my hesitations were put to rest as this could not have been any smoother. Shalom was the most cost effective way to see Israel and worth every penny! Book them , I promise you will not be disappointed. If you get as lucky as we did with our guide, Meni you will get an extra bonus. Enjoy the State of Magic!!! I have a new favorite destination for SURE!!! Safe Travels 🙂