Gross Family

May 7th 2013

In one simple word to describe our trip…AMAZING!!! My son Michael and I recently returned from our trip to Israel and it was spectacular. We opted for the 12 Day Jewish Heritage Tour and our expectations were met exponentially. It was my first visit to the Promised Land…a life long dream that I was finally able to experience and it was certainly worth the wait. My son was fortunate to visit Israel five years ago through Birthright and was eager to return. So for me to make this trip with my son was priceless. We were extremely fortunate and lucky to have Meni as our tour guide. He was simply…THE BEST!! His knowledge of everything Israel is unmatched. He was so receptive to the needs and aspirations of the group and he would go out of his way to share his wealth of Israeli history and facts with us. His insight into Israel, its people, its government, the land all contributed to a wonderful experience for my son and I. I highly recommend for anyone touring Israel to specifically request Meni as their tour guide. You will not be disappointed. My only regret was not visiting Eilat. But perhaps if I return someday I will see Eilat. Shalom Stark and Shalom Tours were incredibly helpful and responsive for any questions or concerns I had during the planning stages of our trip. Any issues we had were answered promptly and to our complete satisfaction. His professionalism was awesome.