Gershater Family

December 11th 2012

I am a writer, but words won’t ever be able to adequately describe my gratitude to Shalom Israel Tours.

Most importantly, when I told Shalom Israel Tours what I wanted in my three- week tour in Israel, they listened to my every word. They created an itinerary that included snorkeling in the Red Sea, dancing at the Western Wall, a dune buggy ride in the Golan Heights, shopping in the Jerusalem market, a restful stay at a quiet seaside kibbutz, a Shabbat dinner with Israeli soldiers, a two-day desert adventure to Petra and Wadi Rum, touring ancient Roman ruins, sunsets in Tzfat and more.

Every hotel and every meal exceeded our expectations. I took our family of seven for a trip of a lifetime. Shalom Israel Tours created an experience that far exceeded every one of our dreams.