Robert Auger

January 15th 2015

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Israel with my wife and 2 children (ages 11 and 9). As this was our first trip to the country, I was somewhat apprehensive, but had no security or other concerns whatsoever during the entirety of the trip. Shalom Stark was patient and responsive with all inquiries both prior to departure and subsequent to arrival.


The tour was exceptionally well-organized, and took into account our family’s collective desire for a cultural/heritage experience, while balancing the kids’ needs for relatively unstructured fun. Our tour guide Shimon is a very kind, passionate, and knowledgeable individual, and we will remember our interactions with him forever. I am certain we’ll return to Israel at various points during the future, and I will definitely again utilize the services of Shalom Israel Tours.

Visited December 2014