Bruce Finn

January 15th 2015

I did not do the booking for Shalom Tours, but I was assured that they would do a good job. They did not do a good job. They did a great job. They put together a wonderful itinerary that allowed our family group to get a real taste of Israel and do a wonderful Bar Mitzvah for my grandson at the Wall. From Tel Aviv to the Golan Heights, to Jerusalem we saw a great array of important sites relevant to the history of Israel. But most importantly, we had Mottle as our leader and educator. I will not call him a guide because he is much more. He is a rabbi, a story teller, a sage and seer, if you will. He knows his Israeli history and shares it with the group. He had worked with two family members last year so he knew them and quickly became friends with the rest of us. We had a bit of a medical crisis towards the end of the tour and he was with the problem every step of the way. He took us to rooftops to see great sights in both Hebron and Jerusalem. He walked the Shuk market with me and my wife so we could buy gifts.


Oh, Shalom Tours made leaving Ben Gurion Airport a breeze, and the return also to Tel Aviv went without a hitch. Shalom arranged for terrific drivers throughout the trip and a very good guide in Tel Aviv for one day. Too much to say, but it was a wonderful experience made great by the knowledge and expertise of Shalom Tours and their staff. A special shout out, of course, goes to our leader, Mottle Wolfe.


Thank you, Shalom Tours for a wonderful, meaningful tour of the Land of Judea.