The Buffalo “Crew”

October 31st 2011

Back in 90-91 we saw a lot of cisterns/wells and mosaic floors and a lot of ruins… but this trip was alivwith the visit to the Carmel Winery, the chocolate factory was an absolute treat, and Tel Dan was a great and I even dipped my feet in the pond.  And speaking of forests…to actually plant a tree in Israel-Wow!


Our boat ride on the Kineret was a blast…. thanks to the Captain for playing all the oldie music, we danced  and “twisted” the night away.  We are all glad we got to schlep the “City of David”  and I mean schlep.  Squeeze here, watch your head there and oops step up or step down.  The light show- amazing. We were exhausted but it was a wonderful exhaustion.


You have no idea how much fun we had in the Dead Sea. We never went in the water years ago but this time with the peer pressure from our friends and family we got him in the water and FLOATED.  A miracle. Mordechai was wonderful. I don’t know how he put up with all of our craziness. The hotels were terrific, the food was so much fun, so many choices at breakfast and dinner- Loved it all.  Tel Aviv, Eilat, going into Jordan and seeing Petra.  Did we really do all that in just two weeks.  It was the trip of a lifetime.