Bible City at Cinema City

October 7th 2014

Bible City in Jerusalem features a series of 62 dioramas, depicting the most monumental scenes of the Hebrew Bible. Step back in time on your trip to Israel, to experience these great biblical events firsthand. Experience the expulsion from the Garden of Eden and follow in the footsteps of the patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Learn about the strong women of the Bible, including Pharaoh’s daughter, Yael, Deborah and Queen Esther. Relive the Revelation at Mount Sinai and enter the worlds of Noah, Samson, King David and King Solomon.

Bible City is located in Cinema City, a twenty-first century film complex in the heart of Jerusalem. As you approach the building, you can already spot Noah’s Ark proudly standing on the roof, complete with 100 pairs of animals which Noah saved. The ark is also a movie theater, showing an inspiring film about Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

You can learn about the biblical stories in two ways – through the Bible City booklet or through its app. The booklet provides information on every scene, with links for further research when you get home or back to your hotel. With the app, you scan the barcode at each scene in order to get a full description right on your phone. Guided 30 minute tours are also available for a fee.

Bible City also offers individualized educational programs for groups, and holds special programs for children and teens during school vacations.