Beth Miller

April 13th 2015

We just returned from our family trip to Israel. Shalom helped us to prepare an itinerary that was fun, interesting, meaningful and packed as much as we could into the time that we were there. The plan he made was flawless and every detail was exactly as we expected. Mid-way through the trip, I requested a change that required both a hotel and itinerary change. Shalom did not argue or complain, he simply said, “consider it done,” and made all requested changes within 10 minutes.


Our guide, Eli Dabi, was the highlight of our trip. His passion for his country and his job really showed and he was able to guide us safely and efficiently through our tour. He shared just the right amount of historical facts at each site to satisfy my husband’s desire to learn without boring my kids. He was flexible about stopping for meals, shopping, etc. It was clear that he was willing to do everything in his power to make us happy…and he did!!
Overall, I can not say enough good things about Shalom Tours or Eli Dabi. They, together, made this the best trip my family has ever been on. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Israel.