Beautiful Sites of Historical Importance to See Near Nazareth

March 2nd 2020



In the Galilee sits the ancient city of Nazareth. It’s home to many cultural and religious sites of importance, especially Christian, including the Church of the Annunciation. As the childhood home of Jesus and Israel’s largest Arab city, Nazareth is a place many people like to visit. 

Yet outside the city, there are also a number of interesting sites to see, which we want to share with you today. They are appropriate for visitors of all faiths and none, due to the stunning natural beauty of each location. These sites are also perfect for all the family to enjoy. 

Mount Precipice Lookout Point

This first site is a place to view the truly beautiful Galilean landscapes which surround the city of Nazareth. The

Lookout Point is located just to the south of the city and features 360-degree views of the entire region. 

According to Christian tradition, it is said to be the site where locals tried to push Jesus from a mountain after rejecting his claims of being the Messiah.

Today, the 395m summit can be reached relatively easily via paved pathways by the able-bodied from the nearby car park. From the top you can sit and see all of Nazareth, across to Mount Tabor (see below), and much of the southern part of the Jezreel Valley, and so much more. 

Zippori National Park

About six kilometers north of Nazareth is the Zippori National Park. The area is an archaeological site with important discoveries having been uncovered connected to numerous civilizations. 

Zippori – also known as Sepphoris – was once the capital city of the Galilee during the Roman Conquest. In Jewish history, it was the seat of the Sanhedrin and the place where the Mishna was completed. For Christians, it’s the possible birthplace of Mary, mother of Jesus. 

Visitors to the Zippori National Park can view numerous fascinating archeological remains including: the reconstructed ruins of a Jewish village; a Roman theater; a Roman villa with beautiful mosaics; a similarly decorated ancient synagogue; a crusader castle; and the remains of a city market and streets; and more! 

Mount Tabor

A few kilometers to the east of Nazareth is the mountain peak known as Mount Tabor. In geological terms, the mountain is known as a monadnock, which is a steep isolated hill or bedrock. Its distinctive shape can be seen for many miles around and is a popular place to visit to enjoy stunning views across the region and towards the Sea of Galilee

In Jewish history, Mount Tabor was the site of numerous settlements and battles between different tribes. It’s mentioned in religious texts and was an important strategic position in the Lower Galilee. 

For Christians, Mount Tabor is the site of the transfiguration of Jesus. Two churches can be found on the mountain and accessibility to the summit has been greatly improved in recent years. It’s a beautiful place, with pine forests and hiking trails. There are even some jeep tour options for those preferring a 4×4 experience.