Where to begin?

October 25th 2018

Dear Shalom Tours,

Where to begin?  AHARON.  His historical understanding  of Israel is beyond measure, and though I do not know his last name, it was he who made every site come alive with detail and vivacity.  He was an excellent guide and spokesman for your beautiful country.  He was inspirational, added humor, and praise of him would not come out as wonderfully as his guidance throughout Israel.  I would recommend him to ANYONE interested in an educational and thorough trip through his understanding of your country.  His voice was priceless in all we saw and did.

There was not one “glitch” on the entire tour.  The only “heads up” I might add is that with both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem we had some hotel confirmation difficulties in the check-in process.

We LOVED both hotels and the 2 nights at the kibbutz.  We stayed at the Tel Aviv Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv (GORGEOUS!!!!) and the Orient Hotel (PAMPERED in all ways possible).  My travel companion selected these, and her call was a great one.  Just so you know, we have never stayed anywhere we felt so indulged.  The “chader ochel” in the Orient was phenomenal, especially you head staff person who made us a photo of us on the latte!!!!  We couldn’t drink it-we just kept taking photos of our own coffee photos!!!  They put shame on American hotels, believe me.

It was Chris Linton’s first visit, and she will never forget her time there.  Upon return to our little town in New Mexico, she and I call or text every morning with a memory from Israel.  Aharon would always say to our group on the bus, “Wakey/Wakey” to point out something on the right side or left side of the bus.  Chris and I greet one another with the same expression and probably always will.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for an amazing adventure for us in Israel.


Deborah Stein Geary