Kibbutz hotels are a unique alternative to the traditional hotel atmosphere. Each Kibbutz hotel has a special charm, ranging from resort-style to a good old community feel. Below you can browse this exciting variety of hotels in Israel.

Kibbutz Goshrim Hotel, Golan Heights

Kibbutz Goshrim Hotel, Northern Galilee

Kibbutz HaGoshrim Hotel blends natural beauty with modern accommodations to create the perfect starting point for northern Israel touring and exploration.

Ramot Resort Hotel - Exterior

Moshav Ramot Resort & Hotel, Sea of Galilee

Offering magnificent views to the Sea of Galilee, the Ramot Resort offers luxurious chalet suites, modern facilities, and the perfect base for northern adventure!

Kibbutz Kfar Blum - Exterior

Kibbutz Kfar Blum Hotel, Northern Galilee****

In the hearth of the Northern Galilee lays pastoral Kfar Blum. Positioned on the Jordan river with mountain views, this hotel offers a perfect family experience.

Kibbutz Lavi Hotel

The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Southern Galilee*****

Located in the hills over Tiberias, Kibbutz Lavi offers travelers a modern and comfortable base for touring the Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, Galilee, and Tzfat.